Introducing Tips & Tricks

Every so often when building stuff with Perch, I find a new little trick that makes my life a whole lot easier. Sometimes it’s a function I stumble across in the docs, sometimes it’s a cheeky little hack that I randomly discover that will never find its way into official documentation, but every time I think ‘If only I knew this earlier’.

On, every few months, we’re going to try to pull together some of these tricks and share them with the wider community. Here is how you can get involved:

If there’s something you do regular which you think isn’t part of the standard Perch workflow, or if you discover something that makes your life as a percher easier, try and summarise it in no more than 200 words and then send an email to [email protected]. We’ll gather the tips together and publish them each time we have a decent amount. With a bit of luck, the first of these posts should be online next week.

Phil Smith

Phil Smith

Phil Smith is the founder and co-director of amillionmonkeys, a small web agency in Brighton. Phil drinks coffee, swigs beer and occasionally blogs at

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